Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary collection

The Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is the smallest bird sanctuary in India situated near to the small town of Padalam in the Kancheepuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu. But this oldest sanctuary carries an amazing history behind it. The sanctuary is preserved by the local people for over 250 years as they have found that the water that contains birds’ muck mixed with it can prove as best natural fertilizer for the crops. The place was granted the legal protection in 1798 and in 1936 it was declared as a bird sanctuary. Later in 1972, under the wildlife protection act, the place was declared as a wildlife sanctuary. Every year during Vedanthangal bird sanctuary season around 30000 birds visits this area. Around 115 spices of birds have to be recorded at the Vedanthagal bird sanctuary. The birds like herons, egrets, storks and spoonbills visit here every year.

Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is completely dependent upon the rainfall and faces water problems during the summer season. This is the reason why permanent water plants cannot be seen here. The Barringtonia trees are found here, which are used by the variety of birds for nesting purposes. The sanctuary has a lake with lots of trees in the water. Many birds can be seen on water and on trees Open-billed storks are the main visitors of Vedanthagal bird sanctuary. These birds breed twice during one season. Along with it, rare birds like painted stork, cormorant, Darter, Black-headed Ibis, Grey Heron etc are also seen here in large number. Water birds like Ibis, night heron, comb duck, dabchick, stilt, redshank, sandpiper, curlew etc capture the attention of many tourists during the season.When you enter the sanctuary you can enjoy the sight of plentiful trees full of beautiful birds. These birds are very much familiar with the visitors and don’t get afraid when you take their photographs.


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