Fisherman Collection-Kasimedu

Royapuram fishing harbour, also known as Chennai fishing harbour or Kasimedu fishing harbour, is one of the major fishing grounds for catching fishes and crustaceans located at Kasimedu in the Royapuram area of Chennai, India. The harbour is located north of the Chennai Port and is under the administrative control of the Chennai Port Trust. The harbour is also a shipbuilding facility, chiefly building fishing boats. The nearest railway station is the royapuram railway station.

The harbour area is primarily a fisherman community area migrated from Chepauk village in 1799 during the rule of the East India Company. The harbour was constructed in 1975.The fishing harbour is functioning from 1984.

As a photography student i went there to do my assignment on journalism. As being a jain i was hesitating to go there and at last my friend convinced me to tie a handkerchief and took me.As i entered there was a huge crowd of auctioneer biding each fish.I went around that place to find some interesting subject and then started to take photos.


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